We are doubling our tree planting programme!

Until today, for every 10 days you use the 5 To Thrive daily mental wellbeing workout tools in The Pocket Mentor, we donate for a mangrove tree to be planted in our partnered site on the north west coast of Madagascar.

That's all changing.... From today it's every 5 days!


Quite simply... More trees, more motivation, more impactful change!

To make it easier for you to turn using The Pocket Mentor mental wellbeing toolkit into a habit and increase our collective positive impact by planting more trees! You told us 10 days in a row sometimes felt a little tricky to keep up with, with weekend commitments and routine being different to the week and therefore forgetting to use The Pocket Mentor and losing your tree streak.

The point of the tree planting initiative within The Pocket Mentor is to motivate you to keep using and build the tools into a helpful habit, knowing your actions not only build your mental wellbeing and resilience but also contribute to a wider community mission.

So we want to make this as easy and motivating as possible. The change to planting a tree every 5 days aligns using the 5 To Thrive daily mental wellbeing workout with our working week and acknowledges the weekend is different, and that's ok!

Of course you can still use it everyday and over the weekend if you like, but this change takes the pressure off and enables you to feel good, stay motivated and contribute to our tree planting mission by using The Pocket Mentor only on the weekdays.

How did all this come about?

Most of us recognise in order to keep physically fit we need to exercise regularly, we don't wait until we're injured to start and if we stop we know our fitness will decline.

So, why don't we treat our mental wellbeing the same way? Seems odd when no matter what path we choose in life, our age, our background or role, our brain/mind is our greatest tool and at the centre of everything we do.

That's why we created the 5 To Thrive daily mental wellbeing workout in The Pocket Mentor app. 5 evidence based wellbeing tools, that take just 10 minutes a day to complete, proactively building your resilience, confidence and happiness and helping prevent mental health problems. We thought why can't we, as a Pocket Mentor community, work to make meaningful change to a big global challenge, whilst making meaningful change to our own lives. So we partnered with Eden Reforestation who plant trees, restore vital ecosystems and empower local communities with sustainable employment.

And so our mission to grow 1 million minds who grow 1 million trees began!

If you're anything like us you hear the devastating impact of deforestation and climate change and feel helpless and powerless. As David Attenborough says, it's the power in our small daily choices that combine over time to have big impact. This is true of combatting the effects of climate change and our mental wellbeing.

The Pocket Mentor empowers and equips you with a tool in your pocket to do good to yourself and the planet with your small daily actions.


We currently have a 7 day free trial running which means you can give our toolkit a whirl and because it's now just 5 days use to plant a tree you can plant a tree for free! Join our mission to grow 1 million minds who grow 1 million trees here with a 7 day free trial. Download the apps using the links below, or sign up via our website here

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