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Cheesecake mindset!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Not the usual motivational quote picture! Prepare for cheese puns as I share my growth mindset moment from the weekend....

It was my cousins birthday and it was my job to make Auntie Ann's famous cheesecake for his birthday lunch. She passed away recently and so the recipe has been passed down the family. I'd never made it before and never even made a cheesecake... Needless to say I was BRIE-LY nervous!๐Ÿ˜‰

So I followed the recipe meticulously, sieving cottage cheese, attempting to dissolve gelatine (harder than it sounds) and bashing digestive biscuits (turns out that's a great stress reliever!๐Ÿ˜‚)

After a few wrong turns, some form of cheesecake was ready to be set in the fridge. After a few hours I got it out to assess the masterpiece/damage. You GOUDA BRIE kidding me! EDAM it! Have a look at the top 2 photos and you'll see why my reaction was so.... Not so much cheesecake, more mushy drippy pancake.

I stood there staring at the drippy pancake and immediately thought of growth mindset and something we cover in the Make Your Mind Up app called the Perfectionist Problem (, where we get so fixated about having to create something perfectly we give up at the first sign of mistake or problem, but success comes from a process of trial and error and correcting mistakes.

A few of years ago, I would have given up at this point and thought this cheesecake business isn't for me, I CAMEMBERT doing it again!

However, practice what you preach and all that I thought this is draft 1 of mission cheesecake, I looked at what I could improve (a long list) and started again the next morning. I asked for help, I watched videos on how to cook with gelatine and didn't stop until the mix was the right consistency. I poured it onto the base mixture and left it in the fridge to (hopefully) set.

"RICOTTA get going" called my Mum and after a precarious journey from fridge to restaurant on our laps in the car, it was time for the moment of truth...Unveiling the cheesecake and shimmying it out of the cake tin (filming it so that if it did go wrong at least I could make ยฃ250 from it on You've Been Framed.) To my delight it looked great, if I do say so myself, and tasted pretty BRIE-licious! Auntie Ann's cheesecake lives on and that is all down to growth mindset!

It goes to show that growth mindset really does help in every area of life, even in the things you'd least expect!

Growth mindset, in a nutshell, is about believing you CAN improve, no matter what your current ability is. If you've ever said phrases like "I'm just no good at sports", "I'm not a natural baker" A) join the club, we've all said these like this at some point. B) These are fixed mindset phrases where we believe talent comes from natural ability alone, they hugely impact our mindset and ability, perhaps without us even realising.

It's never too early or late to start introducing the concept of growth mindset! Our growth mindset printable packs, launching Monday 10th August are a great place to start!

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