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How to Cope With Change

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to change?

Our inner chimp; the reactive, emotional part of our mind is in charge of protecting us from risk - in order to survive.

However, the chimp can't measure whether each risk is actually going to harm us, or whether if leaned into could could help us. In the chimp's eyes change is risk and therefore should be avoided.

This explains why you may have been striving to do your best but felt overwhelmed and resisted change and therefore feel or experience the following:

🙄Felt panicked and frozen when things do change 🙄Believe thoughts of self doubt like, ‘You can’t do this, you’re not good enough’ which lowers confidence, so might give up, shy away, or not give your full effort. 🙄Focus on the negative and say things like ‘Why do things like this always happen to me?’ and ‘Why did this have to happen!’ meaning you feel deflated and frustrated and miss opportunities for growth

Listening to our chimp's reaction in this instance is like a pilot starting emergency procedures for a small bump of turbulence. it's not necessary!

Change is inevitable, in every area of our life; schools, parenthood, jobs, family. Often can't control whether change happens or not, but we can always choose how we respond to it. The Pocket Mentor 5 To Thrive daily mental wellbeing workout allows us to calm the chimps voice, reflect and lean into the change and opportunity it brings. Using it each day builds an anchor, something that stays consistent throughout the changes in our life. We can either keep listening to our inner chimp and stay overwhelmed resisting change and feeling panicked, or we can learn to build helpful thoughts towards change that empower us to thrive.

To help we asked our Pocket Mentor app ambassador team to share their top tips for coping with change:

Which of The Pocket Mentor tools help you cope with change?

Graham: The Mindset Boosts are fantastic at giving me something and someone to listen to. Not just to cope with change, but for me to cope with the feelings and emotions that come from that because I struggle so much with change. They help me calm, take my mind off things while also allowing me to see myself objectively and understand why I feel the way I do

Deepa: I think all of them! The Mindful Moment - allows you to access the power of peace in the moment. Otherwise the mind can go off in all directions without focus.

The Gratitude - a reminder that we have all we need and can find solutions if we focus effectively.

Affirmations - can redirect you to what's most important now.

The Today I - helps to break things down, step by step, little by little. You can achieve more than you think you can.

Values - really help you underpin each day. Having these at the forefront makes a huge difference to your attitude, outlook, perspective and hence your thoughts and actions thereafter.

What's your top tip for coping with change?

Graham: Change is hard. Regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it is hard and there is no uniform way to deal with change or mitigate the effects on you. Coping with change is one of the most primal traits in humans. How I deal with change is to accept that I will be distracted, overthink, worry, be anxious, question my decision or what I could have done differently – for a period of time. And ride it out. I know myself and I know how I react, and so rather than fight that, I accept that (as a byproduct of change) and allow myself to adjust naturally – and know that I WILL adjust.

Deepa: Make a plan, be prepared to adapt and be flexible and go easy on yourself, know you are doing the best you can at any given moment. Embrace challenges, know they are there to help you learn, grow and progress. It's not just about the end goal but about the journey, make that count!

Thanks to both Deepa and Graham, our Pocket Mentor ambassadors for sharing their tips and advice!

For support implementing mental wellbeing tools into your life, to help you cope with change, click here and head to The Pocket Mentor where you can access our entire toolkit for free for 7 days via our web platform and apps.


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