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If you’re like me, have you ever stopped or not done something through fear of getting it wrong?

When something happens our brain looks to a part of our thinking mind known as ‘The Computer’; a memory bank that stores our previous experiences and past responses. It’s looking for guidance on how to deal with the current situation.

If we’ve been resistant to risk and scared of mistakes in the past, our computer is stored with unhelpful responses that tell us to AVOID, which is why we retreat...leaving us feeling stuck and deflated.

Good news is we can programme our computer with helpful responses too that help us take courageous steps to make mistakes, progress and thrive.

This is where our Pocket Mentor S.T.O.P.P (stop, take a breath, observe, pivot, proceed) tool can help pivot from unhelpful to helpful thoughts in the moment of a challenge.

Mistakes are never as bad as our mind instantly makes out!

Within the Pocket Mentor, the S.T.O.P.P tool is available as a short audio exercise or video to listen to in the moment of a challenge. It guides you through each of the 5 steps;

  1. Stopping an unhelpful thought in it's tracks

  2. Taking a breath to pause (with a breathing technique to follow)

  3. Observe - stepping back and noting whether the thoughts you were following were helpful or unhelpful.

  4. Pivoting - creating a helpful thought alternative that allows you to persist through your challenge.

  5. Pivoting - finding your helpful next step, with your helpful thought in the front of your mind.

Give it a go here


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