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How to Feel happier about the cold, darker days

It’s cold and dark…

If you’re like me, over the past couple of weeks have you…

  • Felt annoyed that it’s starting to get darker and colder

  • Found it MUCH harder to get up in the morning, snoozed your alarm loads and then felt groggy.

  • Felt like you’re missing out on things you could do in the summer, by can’t now it’s dark earlier?

In doing this we end up missing out on the joys this time of year can bring, because we’re focused on something we can’t control, wishing our current situation was different.

If you think about it, expecting things to be the same throughout the year is like wearing our summer clothes, vests, dresses and flip flops in the cold depths of winter. We just wouldn’t do it! We adapt our clothing to fit the winter months and we’re usually not annoyed about it, we just adapt what we wear.

There’s no denying the change in seasons can be tough, but can we make this easier on ourselves?

Can we adapt our expectations and routine to better fit the shorter/ colder days? Yes and this is something we can control! Here’s a few tools I’ve been using to help make this shift to a ‘winter’ routine.

  • Use the daily gratitude practice in The Pocket Mentor to help focus on the joys of autumn/winter, rather than what I’m missing from the summer.

  • Use a sunrise alarm clock, or put a warm lamp shade on a timer to create light before you wake up.

  • Get out for a lunchtime walk, even if it’s cold!

  • Work near a window with natural light whenever possible.

  • Use short Mindful Moment breathing exercises (1-2 minutes long) to pause and reset when you feel caught in a rut of hating the cold and dark!

It’s our automatic thoughts that govern so much of our thoughts, feelings and actions, which we often only realise don’t serve us when we step back and look at our situation in an aerial view.

The Pocket Mentor toolkit uses evidence based tools to build self awareness of our thinking mind so we can better recognise unhelpful automatic thoughts and reframe to thrive through the challenges of life and be resilient, confident and happy.

Try The Pocket Mentor free for 7 days here:


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