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Mental Resilience Is The Most Important Skill For Success

To achieve success, whatever that might mean to each us, most people are focused solely on building the skill and knowledge of their craft/area.

Although, of course, skill and knowledge are important, focusing on this alone isn’t enough for success.

During the process of achieving our goals and reaching what we determine success to be, we WILL encounter setbacks, make mistakes and fail. But, we’re not taught this and if nothing changes most people will continue to shy away from mistakes, viewing them as bad risks that should be avoided and therefore don’t progress and achieve, or reach their full potential.

So what? You might say. Well if we shy away from the small-mid size mistakes now, when we the inevitable bigger setbacks later in life hit us, they will shatter us, we won’t know how to cope.

Resilience is a muscle we build, only by allowing ourselves to fail often.

Most thought leaders agree that the most important skill for success, is mental resilience.

Why? Because when we fail or inevitably make mistakes, it isn’t skill in our craft that helps us, it’s our ability to persist through setbacks, learn from them and take a helpful progressive step. This is mental resilience.

Take Walt Disney, His first animation company went bankrupt and he had to eat dog food to survive, it wasn’t developing more skill and knowledge in animation that helped – it was his mental resilience than enabled him to persist and bounce back from the numerous setbacks to create the global Disney empire.

Take Emma Radacarnu‘s recent US open win, she attributes this success to her ‘mindset and staying in the moment’ and says one of her best qualities is her grit.

No matter what path we’re on, if we focus on building our mental resilience alongside our skill we’re giving success the best chance of happening.

That’s our mission, at The Pocket Mentor, to equip you with the essential mental strength and wellbeing tools to build your mental resilience by…

- Boosting your self awareness to respond to challenges calmly and objectively

- Learning to lean into mistakes courageously to achieve and progress more

We do this by building mental strength tools into a daily habit, a mental resilience workout if you like. 5 evidence based tools that take just 10 or so minutes each day to complete.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, start building your mental resilience today by joining the Pocket Mentor 7 day free trial and our daily mental wellbeing workout, the 5 To Thrive.


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