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Mental Wellbeing Should Be Treated Like Physical Wellbeing

Most of us recognise that in order to keep physically fit we should exercise regularly, we don’t wait until we’re injured to start and if we stop we know our strength and fitness will decline.

Why then don’t most people treat their mental wellbeing the same way?

With the changes we have and continue to experience, now more than ever most people recognise mental wellbeing is important, but haven’t been taught what to do to help ourselves, or don’t do it consistently enough to make an impact.

Fast forward 5 years and mental wellbeing will be treated like physical wellbeing, a daily mental wellbeing workout will be the norm. Using tools like mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, journaling and value setting, which are all scientifically proven to improve our self awareness, resilience and happiness, will be an integral part of our day. This is what we've developed into a daily mental wellbeing workout in The Pocket Mentor app.

This has to happen. If nothing changes, there will be an increase in demand on already strained services, a decrease in productivity and employment and an increase in absense.

Government, employers and education need to prioritise equipping each of us with a mental wellbeing support. It’s our job with The Pocket Mentor to provide you with this daily mental wellbeing workout so you can start treating your mental wellbeing just like physical wellbeing.

Our mission is to grow 1 million minds who grow 1 million trees, to help you build our toolkit into a robust habit and to help restore lost ecosystems across the planet. For every 10 days you use the 5 to thrive daily mental wellbeing workout in the PM app, we donate to plant a mangrove tree on the north west coast of Madagascar.

Why wait until everyone else is already doing it? Get ahead of the wave and start thriving today, join The Pocket Mentor 7 day free trial and give a mental wellbeing workout a go.

Download The Pocket Mentor app on iOS here:

Download The Pocket Mentor app on Android here:


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