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Mindfulness For Beginners


Mindfulness is misunderstood and possibly the most overused word of the year, so I understand why you might be coming to this with a skeptical mind.

Perhaps you've:

  • Tried Mindfulness before but felt like you were doing it wrong,

  • Got annoyed by your mind getting distracted,

  • Felt too busy to find the time to include it in your life,

  • Or not even know where to start with Mindfulness,

  • Put off trying it because it seems a bit 'woo woo',

  • If you're a parent you might have then thought, well if I can't get it how on earth do I help my kids use Mindfulness?

If so, you've probably felt a bit stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed by it.

So, here in our Mindfulness For Beginners focus we'll provide you a starting point so you can reap the rewards and build a mindfulness habit into your busy life.

First up, let's debunk the myth that you need to be a monk sat on a mountain crossed legged to practice mindfulness. Quite simply, mindfulness is paying attention and in a world of distractions competing for our attention, focus is one of our greatest tools...for kids and grown ups alike! Mindfulness practice is focusing our attention and when we notice our mind has wandered or got distracted we bring our attention back to an anchor, our breathing. We'll try this in a minute with a Mindfulness For Beginners exercise

The more we do this action of bring our attention back, the easier it becomes, like doing physical reps with weights at the gym. A brain that is better at paying attention and is 'in the moment' allows us to be:

  • Less distracted, to get tasks done quicker and more effectively,

  • Less likely to get drawn into destructive negative thoughts, enabling us to lead a happier, more confident life.

  • More self aware of our thinking mind and are able to respond to challenges calmly rather than an emotional knee jerk reaction we may later regret.

These benefits are felt through regular use to build and maintain our mindfulness muscle.

Mindfulness For Beginners Exercise:

If you found this exercise useful, try our new Mindfulness For Beginners 7 Day Mindset Boost series in our Pocket Mentor app. P.S You can currently try the entire 7 Day series free as we have a 7 day free trial running!


Like anything, the impactful benefits of mindfulness are felt through repeated use. In an instant world, perhaps our greatest challenge is consistently showing up when the big rewards for doing so aren't instant.

Expecting big results instantly is like going to the gym and expecting to have a six pack after the first session. So we're here to support you to build mindfulness into a habit.

So, once you've completed the 7 Day Mindfulness For Beginners in the Mindset Boosts section of The Pocket Mentor, you can move onto the daily Mindful Moment, which you'll find on the Today page in the app. Here you'll find a different breathing exercise each day, so you can reap the rewards and build a more resilient confident and happy you.


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