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If you've been:

  • Trapped in anxious worry that's stopped you from doing something, or speaking up,

  • Unable to think straight because of stress and it's impacting your productivity and mood,

  • Caught in negative thinking loops and struggled to see the good in things...

Then you've probably felt really overwhelmed and stuck. If nothing changes in how we respond to stress and anxiety, we end up at breaking point. This is like continuing to fill up a cup even though it's overflowing.

The solution? We can't always control what happens to us, but we can always choose how we respond and we HAVE to prioritise cutting holes in our cup to release the stress and anxious worry so we can better cope with the inevitable challenges of life and be resilient, confident and happy.

We do this by using mental wellbeing tools like mindfulness, which is great in the moment of stress and worry. The Pocket Mentor Mindful Moments are designed to target both the mental and physical symptoms of stress so after just a few minutes you go from overwhelmed to calm and reset, to take a helpful next step.

If you found this exercise useful, try our library of Mindful Moments and longer exercises in our Pocket Mentor app. P.S You can currently try it free as we have a 7 day free trial running!


Like anything, the impactful benefits of mindfulness are felt through repeated use. In an instant world, perhaps our greatest challenge is consistently showing up when the big rewards for doing so aren't instant.

Expecting big results instantly is like going to the gym and expecting to have a six pack after the first session. We know that's not how it happens!

A six pack comes from our daily efforts to turn up and put the work in consistently over time. Our mental strength is the same, which is why we've created the 5 To Thrive daily mental wellbeing workout in The Pocket Mentor. 5 tools, that take just 10 minutes a day to complete. The first of which is the daily breathing exercise, The Mindful Moment.

Once we've got the six pack, what happens if we stop exercising? Our fitness declines and the six pack disappears. This is the same with our mental wellbeing too, our mental strength needs ongoing maintenance, so we don't lose the calm resilience we've built. We're here to support you to build mental wellbeing tools into a habit, so you can choose helpful thoughts instead fuelling anxious ones and remain calm in challenges and stressful situations, instead of becoming overwhelmed.


The biggest barrier getting in the way of us building The Pocket Mentor into a habit is our brain... Hold up, we just said it was our greatest tool? Yes, it is! But at the moment it's full of strong pathways for the way we currently think, feel and behave.

So, when we start building a new habit, our brain initially is going to want to stick to the 'old ways' and choose the easy route - because it's risk free and what it knows.

On this journey we're going to be met with temptations of 'quick wins':

- I'll choose this easier task which is quicker to do and has a buzz for completing it.

- I'll scroll on my phone and check my insta likes instead of doing today's mindful moment

Choosing the important new habit tasks whose big reward comes down the line, rather than choosing the quick wins, is called Delayed Gratification. It's the skill most thought leaders now agree is the most crucial for success (whatever that is to us).

Why? It goes back to what we said earlier... Impactful change is made through the small daily efforts that combine over time.

If today we choose the quick wins, instead of starting our new habit, the consequences are minimal.

Over time if we repeatedly choose the quick wins, we miss out on the impactful change, don't achieve our long term goals and end up in negative thinking loops of not 'feeling good enough', and regret not sticking with it!

Over time, if nothing changes, this is where our cup overfills and we hit breaking point.

So there's only one option, prioritise your mental wellbeing so our greatest tool ( our brain) is there to support us through life's challenges.

Try our daily mental wellbeing workout free for 7 days here

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