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National Stress Awareness Day - Breathing For Calm

If you’re anything like me, how annoying is it when someone tells you to take a deep breath when you feel stressed?

It’s often meant with the best intentions but it sometimes has the opposite result and adds fuel to our fire!

The truth is, breathing is our anchor and we can harness it to help us cope with tough feelings like stress.

When we feel stressed our breath shortens, which makes us physically tense up, heightening feelings of overwhelm. This short, simple breathing exercise can physically calm our bodies to reduce the physical symptoms of stress and take a helpful next step.

This is great in the moment, but for long term change in how we perceive stress and to thrive through challenges, we need to build mental wellbeing tools, like the mindful moment, into a regular habit. To achieve this, we’ve created a daily mental wellbeing workout in The Pocket Mentor app, give it a go here


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