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Never Give Up Day

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Rest is an essential part of survival - Matt Haig

Have you noticed that there seems to be this need to be busy, like it's something that marks our success or productivity.

If you're anything like me, you've likely felt the below before:

  • Have you ever felt guilty for resting?

  • Have you ever thought... I should be doing so and so, whilst you're sat on the sofa taking a break?

  • Have you ever looked on social media at someone's 'busy' life and thought 'I should be doing more?'

These thoughts are typical of an overwhelmed striver; someone that is trying to do their best but stays in 'on' mode the whole time and you've probably done at least 1 of the following in the last week:

  1. Keep working and working until breaking point, because you feel like you can't stop until a project of task is complete.

  2. Don't take regular breaks throughout the day

  3. Don't make time to check in with your mental wellbeing

  4. Ignore signs of burnout and fatigue

  5. Keep going and going because you fear resting looks like your slacking

  6. Feel guilty for resting

If this is you, I'm here to tell you it's not your fault and you're not alone. We've never been taught how to optimise our focus and resilience based on how our greatest tool, our brain, work's at it's best.

We're here to change that so you can get more done, in less time and to a better standard. Today is never give up day and for this I wanted to highlight the importance of slowing down in achieving success (whatever success means to you).

Would we ignore the low fuel light in our car? No. Why? Because we know without refuelling we'll breakdown and we either won't get to our destination or have to wait for rescue and the journey takes SO much longer. Refuelling allows us to fill up our engine and you can't refuel whilst you're still moving. It's exactly same with us. We are the car, our engine is our brain. Without looking after it, we won't perform at our best, which is why prioritising our mental wellbeing daily is the most important skill for success and in 5 years this will be the societal norm.

Instead of being in 'on' mode the whole time and feeling overwhelmed and fatigued, never giving up looks like refuelling by... - pausing throughout the day

- taking regular breaks

- checking in with how you're feeling

- building self awareness to recognise when we need to rest

- choose helpful thoughts to enjoy a guilt free pause/rest. Only by doing this can we achieve success and feel happy and healthy whilst doing so. Our mental wellbeing should never be comprised, because our mental strength is our greatest tool.

Rest isn't just an essential part of survival, it's an essential part of thriving through the challenges of life.

To help, today we've launched a 7 day free trial of our Pocket Mentor mental wellbeing toolkit that provides a daily mental wellbeing workout. Click here to start thriving


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