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Protecting ourselves (and kids) from mistakes is the worst thing we can do for our Resilience

I understand why you might think it's good to avoid mistakes, because we've likely been brought up with the mindset that mistakes are bad or embarrassing, and/or we want to protect the kids in our care from experiencing this too.

This is like trying to make toast but refusing to put the bread in a toaster... Weird analogy I know, but the toaster is crucial to the process of the bread coming out as toast!

Mistakes are our toaster! To build resilience and persist through the inevitable challenges we'll face in life, we NEED to make mistakes.

If nothing changes in our approach towards mistakes, then we‘ll end up with a society that are overwhelmed by challenges, are flummoxed by mistakes and are unable to cope at all when bigger life setbacks ineviatbly hit. This has a big impact on productivity, absence and happiness.

We’re starting to see this already, because many of us were brought up with a ‘avoidance’ mindset towards mistakes. Is this what we want for the next generations?

Resilience is a muscle that is built through making mistakes.

Leaning into mistakes can feel tough, which is why for the month of October we'll be focusing on resilience. To start, taken from The Pocket Mentor 5 To Thrive daily mental wellbeing workout, here‘s how we can help shift our perspective towards mistakes.

When we fear we might make a mistake our brain reacts with either phrases of discouragement, encouraging us to stop, or giving us excuses not to do it.

For example, has your mind ever told you things like ‘you’re not good enough’ or ’you’ll get it wrong and people will laugh.’ The words we say are powerful and influence our thoughts, feelings and actions… So it’s no wonder we want to avoid mistakes.

But, our words can also empower us. Instead of steering away from situations we might make mistakes in, we can lean into them by reminding ourselves of strengths we have that can help us, by using affirmations.

This is the 3rd of our 5 To Thrive tools in The Pocket Mentor app.

Affirmations are empowering statements that remind us of our strengths and help us overcome challenges.

For example,

‘my strength in [fill in the blank] can help me through this


‘Mistakes are stepping stones to progress’

When we repeat these to ourselves, we don’t allow the automatic negative thoughts and excuses air time to convince us, whilst boosting our confidence and motivation to keep going, knowing mistakes.

So do you want to keep resisting and protecting yourself (and/or your kids) from mistakes, or empower yourself with the essential mental resilience to comfortably make mistakes and thrive in the challenges of life? Join The Pocket Mentor 7 day free trial here


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