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Why Did You Not Do Something When You Had The Chance?

This quote from last night's BBC Perfect Planet episode stuck with me and reinforced that our Pocket Mentor mission to Grow 1 million minds who grow 1 million trees is crucial and urgent. The mental wellbeing crisis is growing exponentially (especially with the challenges we're facing) and climate change is damaging our perfect planet exponentially.

What if our daily actions to improve our mental wellbeing could also positively impact climate change? They can and you can start today... now in fact. (Pretty cool and empowering eh!)

"Everything around us is collapsing"

- Dr Asha De Dos Marine Biologist/Conservationist

O.K. so that quote may seem dramatic but unfortunately it's the harsh hitting truth, particularly if nothing changes. Attenborough describes humanity as a "super volcano" pumping more carbon dioxide into Earth's atmosphere than the historic mega volcano eruptions that extinguished 90% of living creatures in the past.

What's the problem with this CO2 stuff?

Carbon dioxide acts as a blanket trapping the suns heat, raising the temperature which destabilises one of the most important forces on earth - the weather. Many animals rely on predictable patterns of rainfall, including us humans... why would we build our home somewhere that had no access to water or flooded for most of the year? As our world warms our weather is changing and becoming more extreme and unpredictable, devastating our ecosystems and killing animals including humans all over the world.

More fires. More floods. More droughts. This is scary.

Many of us watch these nature documentaries and feel helpless and powerless thinking...

What can little old me do? Governments and big corporation have responsibility to make change..

This isn't necessarily because we're putting the blame out there, but because it can be hard to know what to do in our daily lives to have a positive impact. There's no denying government and corporations need to change. BUT YOU CAN TOO and it matters just as much.

"We are the single most influential creature on earth"

- Dr Niall McCann Biologist/Conservationist

So, why can't we be a good influence? Our daily small actions can make positive change.

There is HOPE. "The amazing ecosystems on earth; the jungles, forests, mangroves and oceans are our greatest hope and buffer against a warming planet." - Dr Asha De Dos Marine Biologist/Conservationist.

The best thing we can do to mitigate the effects of a warming planet is to plant more trees

This is why for every 10 days you use The Pocket Mentor mental wellbeing workout we plant a tree on your behalf...

"Trees remove CO2 from the air. Carbon is the foundation of life, every plant absorbs it from the air, using it to grow. When animals eat these plants some of this carbon is locked away in the fabric of their bodies. Together these wild places and the animals that allow them to thrive take up a third of the CO2 we release. They are so important to protect us from a warming planet." - David Attenborough

Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects your trees will be planted in Madagascar where 90% of the forests have been destroyed but 75% of the species found here do not live anywhere else on the planet.

Eden grows native dry deciduous and mangrove trees to restore ecosystems and to conserve and expand vital habitats for the 200,000 species who call this country home.

Forests are much more than just trees... "they are a tangled web of species interactions", with birds, insects, fish and mammals.

"A jungle rich in animal species stores so much more carbon than a forest with little life." they are integral to a functioning planet and we need to keep them around.

Our small daily actions have big impact - positive or negative


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