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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Say someone asked how your physical health was... You might answer, "great I'm practically the hulk" or perhaps "not so great, the most exercise I get is running to the fridge!"

💪We all recognise we have a physical health, no matter the state we might be in.

Say someone asks how your mental health is... Many of us might answer, I don't have mental health, I'm fine. A big realisation is that we all have a mental health, just like we all have a physical health.

Somedays we will beat our personal best, another day we might be injured. Our physical health fluctuates, it changes, and so does our mental health. Both are a spectrum. Somedays we may feel like we have the strength to tackle any challenge thrown our way, other days it may be a struggle to get out of bed.

If we treated our mental health like our physical health and spent time actively building mental strength ( like we do reps to build our physical muscles) we can build essential mindset skills like stress control, resilience, confidence and empathy that form a foundation for the challenges of everyday life.

When we are physically injured we rest, we may have physiotherapy or treatment. When we are struggling with our mental health we often don't offer ourselves such kindness, instead telling ourselves to "get over it" or just keep loading more pressure on.

Imagine if we did this to an injured leg? Sooner or later, probably the first, we'd buckle under the pressure. It's no wonder why this happens when we treat our mental health this way. We need time to recover and recuperate in challenging times. This is normal.

So, what will you do today to offer kindness to your mental health? You could chat to someone, talk to a friend about a problem, try a mindfulness exercise or hit the pause button and relax. My plan at the end of my working day is to de-stress and take a stroll in the sunshine with my doggies 😊

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