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Your Pocket Mentor is here


It's been almost 4 years to the date that I first had this idea. 1 full time job quit, multiple adventures and countless failures and mistakes learned and The Pocket Mentor web version is LIVE!


In response to schools closing I brought forward the launch of the web version to support with the continuing changes and challenges we're facing. The app version will follow, fingers crossed in Mar/April.

What is The Pocket Mentor?

Our Pocket Mentor app provides us a toolkit to proactively build our mental strength and wellbeing enabling us to thrive in the challenges of life. So, if that’s the solution, what is the problem?


My quest began a few years ago after leaving University. I was lucky enough to get a job in the big wide world but soon found I was unprepared for the challenges of everyday life, from coping when something went wrong at work to motivating myself up in the morning. As I researched how others were coping, I found that many others were facing similar issues at various points in their life. Feeling overwhelmed, directionless and perhaps unknowingly pottering through life not fulfilling their potential down to limiting beliefs.

What was missing? Mental strength and positive mindset education.

The good news is that people have been developing solutions from way back in Ancient Greek times, to the many research studies and books that line the shelves today. In the last 10 or so years real scientific advancements in studying how the brain works has enabled us to identify theories and tools that we can apply to our own lives.

Taking the science I starting developing a solution by identifying the key mindset skills we need; resilience, motivation, focus, confidence and empathy and trialling the program with schools and individuals from across the world.

From here I put my experience, research and feedback together and created The Pocket Mentor, designed to support you in your quest to build mental strength and positive mindset to thrive in the challenges of life.

How does The Pocket Mentor help us?

5 To Thrive

To build and keep physically fit we're recommended to exercise daily to prevent injury and keep our body healthy. But what's the mental wellbeing version?

Most of us will agree that spending more time exercising will improve our physical health and many of us will dedicate time to exercising doing this daily or frequently.

But, how many of us dedicate time daily to proactively building our mental wellbeing and resilience? ....Tumbleweed....

It's no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed by challenge and often give up or resist risk. The Pocket Mentor 5 To Thrive provides a daily mental wellbeing toolkit, to build self awareness and objectivity to help us understand our thinking mind. To understand, work and look after our greatest tool, our brain, so it's optimised for when we need it most - when faced with challenges (big and small).

to do exactly this. I'll take you on a whistle stop tour of our 5 tools... You can think of this like your daily wellbeing workout!

First up...

1. The Mindful Moment, a present of presence.

A breathing exercise to slow our whirling mind and build focus enabling us to respond objectively rather than react instantly in a way we might later regret.

2. Daily Thanks embrace the ordinary

Expressing gratitude for what we have and usually ignore, enabling us to overcome our brain's negativity bias and see our world objectively. This is scientifically proven to allow to to lead happier lives.

3. Today I..., the I've done list

Reflecting on the day by writing down what we've done and what we've learned, it's a mindfulness exercise in itself enabling us to make sense of what's whirling in our mind. Using this tool regularly has been proven to reduce stress, increase emotional wellbeing and boost memory.

4. Affirmations, positive statements to help with your day.

Use the daily prompt or come up with your own affirmation. Repeat it to yourself 10 times and reap the rewards. Feel a calm in nerves, a boost in self-esteem and confidence and even an improved chance of success.

5. My Values, qualities important to me being a good person.

Set your value ( e.g. kindness, honesty, objectivity) Each day reflect on how closely you've lived to each value and identify why. Perhaps you reached out to a friend or kept calm in a challenging conversation.

If we are living closely to our values we can be confident that we are being a

good person. If we aren’t, they can help us focus on where to improve to make personal progress.

And that's the 5 To Thrive! The time this takes to complete everyday will vary... depending on how much you want to write. Between 15-25 minutes is usual, just like a physical workout!

I almost forgot the greatest thing of all.....

We’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation who’s projects reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forest by employing local villagers to plant trees.

Your trees will be planted in Madagascar, where 90% of the forests have been destroyed but 75% of the species found here do not live anywhere else on the planet.

Eden grows native dry deciduous and mangrove trees to restore ecosystems to conserve and expand vital habitats for the 200,000 species who call this country home.

Together as a Pocket Mentor community we're aiming to grow 1 million trees. If you'd like to join our mission click here


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