The Mindset Curriculum: The Primary Edition (age 4-11)

  • 46 detailed lesson plans, all printable activity resources referenced are included
  • Covers the big 5 mindset skills: Focus, resilience, stress control, confidence, motivation.
  • Key themes: Growth mindset, bouncing back, understanding emotions, empathy, objectivity, self-awareness, emotional intelligence.
  • Mindset quiz for each of the big 5 mindset skills to track pupil progress.
  • Pupil checklist for each of the big 5 mindset skills. We suggest creating a 'My Mind' folder for each child where all resources can be kept. This becomes their mindset toolkit that helps develop self reflection.
  • Lesson plans include:
    - Discussion starter scripts that introduce the mindset topics to the primary age range, these are easy to follow and adapt.
    - The ‘Over To You’ questions implement each mindset concept into our own lives.
    - 'Mindset Boost' activities- Session reflections, short exercises to recap the information covered in the session.
    - 'Teachers Notes'; background information about the Science and foundations of the mindset skills and topics. 
  • Teacher Tracker to monitor progress


  • 32 mindfulness breathing techniques to build emotion awareness, empathy, calm and stress control.
  • Use with your child/class or for yourself!
  • Create a mindfulness pot with all of the activity cards in and pick one each day to carry out at the end of the day together.
  • Use the reflection template after each activity to encourage self reflection and observe feelings.

    * This is a downloadable resource, please bear in mind any printing costs.

Mindset Bundle! Primary School Curriculum and Mindfulness Breathing Cards

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